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PlaymentCard is an ideal access card and promotional vehicle for key events—from corporate events and trade shows to sporting events and concerts. Brands can attach value to this smart card by storing content, or link to a website or microsite, on the USB.

With this powerful promotional and marketing tool, brands can increase awareness and consumer loyalty, acquire new customers, enhance the customer experience and journey, and track and measure campaign ROI.

Results in Action: Investec Ashes USB Entrance Card

Challenge: Identify attendees at Ashes Cricket Tournament, held between England and Australia.

Solution: Created VIP USB PlaymentCard whereby attendees were obliged to register and activate their card in advance in order to obtain entrance to the event. Trivia, video message from star players and tailored content were used to engage users ahead of the event.


  • 98% response rate
  • Invaluable intelligence/promotional tool for the event organizers and sponsors
  • Developed ability to sell and upsell subsequent tickets and packages to targeted groups
Investec Ashes (PlaymentCard USB Solutions)

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