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PlaymentCard provides patented USB card solutions that provide physical solutions for digital engagement.

About PlaymentCard

Global brands are trying to move customers from the physical world to the digital world. They are struggling as consumers still enjoy the touch-and-feel of physical products. So, how can you move a generally resistant consumer to digital solutions in one easy step?

Meet PlaymentCard. PlaymentCard provides innovative USB card solutions that provide physical solutions for digital engagement.



The company’s patented USB Card promotes a call to action with links to websites or with rich content on the USB, and combines data storage with ISO credit card compatibility. PlaymentCard includes a variety of unique applications and formats—from promotional cards to interactive cards—tailored to each brand’s needs.

PlaymentCard is powered by rich analytics that provide valuable data and critical insights into the effectiveness of each and every campaign.  PlaymentCard enables brands to increase awareness and consumer loyalty, build customer databases and profiles, and generate additional revenue streams.

Bespoke Services: It’s What’s Inside
That Counts

PlaymentCard is a powerful communications vehicle that can and should be enhanced with compelling content. Whether you’re looking to include marketing assets or an interactive experience on the USB, PlaymentCard content experts can work with you to create a content strategy, and associated elements, to engage and inspire your end users.

  • Content. Our content producers will work hand-in-glove with you to create content that will appeal to, and resonate with, your key audiences.
  • Storyboarding. Our creative team can collaborate with you to create a storyboard that will provide the overarching strategic direction on your campaign, video, or movie production.
  • Programming. Our experienced programmers can create a bespoke interactive experience for your brand. We can also create compelling apps that can run on the Internet, on your computer, or on your phone or other electronic device.
  • Packaging. Our creative packaging solutions are designed to make an impact.
  • Graphic Design. Our team of experienced graphic designers can create highly impactful visuals for your campaign—from product brochures to infographics to interactive content.
  • Video and Sound. Enhance your campaign with compelling audio and video assets that can be housed on the USB.

Solutions & Sectors

PlaymentCard solutions are ideally suited for global brands—from healthcare to retail—that want to increase market share, differentiate from competition, enhance customer loyalty and boost the bottom line.


is Non-Negotiable

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Financial/Payment Systems

It Pays
to Play

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Entertainment, Gaming & Sports

An Experience
to Remember

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The Gift that Keeps
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Making an Impact


Traditional direct marketing campaigns will achieve 4.4% response rates (DMA). PlaymentCard solutions have achieved greater than 40%.


91% of people keep branded USBs because they are useful (BPMA).


The global market for USB flash drives is predicted to exceed 555m units by 2020
(GIA, Inc.).

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